How different would the gaming world be without Sony?

PS4 (2)

In the mid 90’s we have all witnessed the introduction of the Sony PlayStation which was considered one of the most revolutionary game consoles of all time.  The Sony PlayStation was basically the pioneer of 3D gaming in relation to home consoles.  Following the release of the original Sony PlayStation the PS2 which came out in 2000 the had sold over 155 million units worldwide and was known as the most profitable console in gaming history.  If Sony did not create PlayStation consoles the console wars would probably take place mainly between Nintendo and Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.  In fact, if Sony never entered the gaming scene Sega would probably still be around and may have never joined forces with Nintendo back in the 00’s.  The video game industry had changed for the best back in the mid 90’s since Sony entered.


All of the PlayStation consoles are nothing short of amazing despite the fact that some of them were very expensive especially the PlayStation 3 which was released in the mid 00’s.  The PlayStation Network is probably one of the biggest gaming networks in gaming right now along with Xbox Live and continues to provide great online gaming along with classics from various video game consoles such as Sega Genesis, PS1 and arcade classics that we loved in the 90’s and the 00’s.  Some might argue that the quality of modern day video game would not be as great as it currently is without PlayStation consoles which is a very positive thing.

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