Should Square Enix have collaborated more with Sega back in the 90’s?



When we look back at all of the games that Square Enix has produced for over the past two years sometimes its hard to believe that the company hardly ever did business with Sega.  After Square Enix had its fallout with Nintendo  around the mid 90’s many people believe that it would have been a perfect time for the company to stick to Nintendo by working with Sega in relation to releasing more video games.   The only problem was that Sony’s PlayStation was more popular then the Sega Saturn which seemed under-marketed in countries like America.    If Square Enix had decided to collaborate with Sega around the mid 90’s that would have been a gamble which could have came back to bit them in the future.  While the Sega Saturn was not nearly as popular as the Sony PlayStation the 128 bit Dreamcast console seemed just as popular as PlayStation and Nintendo 64.  The Sega Dreamcast was a console that high quality games in comparison to Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation.   However, by 1998-1999 PlayStation was already too popular and it had seemed like Sony was starting to dominate the gaming industry.

Final Fantasy 7 (2).jpg

Besides Square Enix had released some of their best games on the Sony PlayStation such as Final Fantasy VII & VIII which went on to sell millions of copies around the world.  While some people might argue that having Final Fantasy IX for the Sega Dreamcast would have been very cool to see it could have been easily overshadowed by games such as Phantasy Star Online and Sonic Adventure which were also big games that were feature on that console as well.    Even though, the Phantasy Star series has been competing with the likes of Final Fantasy since the late 80’s some people believe that Phantasy Star Online would not have posed a serious threat to Square Enix if they had decided to release their for the Sega Dreamcast.    However, some might believe that Square Enix collaborating with Sega on more games back in the 90’s would have put Nintendo in jeopardy during the console wars back in the day.

Final Fantasy IX

With games like Final Fantasy VII- IX the Sega Dreamcast could have sold more units worldwide as a game console.  Also, Sega could have earned more revenue than it did during the late 90’s.   However, Square Enix never had much of a history working with Sega prior to the release of the Sony PlayStation since they generally did business with Nintendo.   In fact, some might argue that Nintendo played a significant role in the Final Fantasy series obtaining the level of popularity it did.  While its true that Nintendo helped the Final Fantasy series become very popular others would agree that Sony had took the Final Fantasy series to the next level following their partnership with Square Enix.

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