Should there be a new game based on the Power Rangers movie?

Power Rangers Movie

When it comes down to the Power Rangers series the first two seasons are among the many that instantly comes to mind.  The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series was legendary and was arguably one of the best television shows of the early 90’s.  When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers became popular back then there were several games that were developed for various consoles such as Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.  When it comes down Power Ranger video games many of the titles that were released during the Mighty Morphin series were hit and miss. While some people loved the side scrolling beat em up genre better others preferred the head to head fighting titles.


If there were a new game made for the most recent Power Rangers movie one of the questions that many people have is what genre would it be.  The side scrolling beat em genre is one that has declined in popularity since the 90’s.  Despite, its decline in popularity side scrolling beat em up games are generally fun to play and does a decent job in terms of storytelling.  While one on one fighting titles are also fun the storytelling elements of that genre might not be as good as the side scrolling beat em up titles.

mighty morphin power rangers.jpg

When Banpresto had developed a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game for the Sega Genesis in 1994 they found a way to maintain a healthy balance between the fighting and storytelling aspects of the game.  However, when Natsume had developed the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the early 90’s it was just a regular head to head fighting game.  There was no story included in the MMPR Fighting Edition game but was still a fun title to play.   While the one on one fighting genre is a good option for any type of Power Rangers title having side scrolling beat em up gameplay would probably be a better fit.  But there could be some additional options such as developing a MMPR role playing game.  Since the RPG’s are more popular now than it has been in recent memory there are many fans of the series who wouldn’t mind seeing the Power Rangers Movie return within genre.

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