Games in the 00’s- Midnight Club: Los Angeles: (2008)

Midnight Club LA.jpg

When it comes down to racing titles of the 00’s the Midnight Club series has some of the most popular games of that decade.  As many people know Midnight Club Los Angeles was the sequel to Midnight Club 3; DUB Edition and was released for multiple game consoles including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Portable in 2008.  When it comes down to street racing games Midnight Club Los Angeles was pretty impressive in terms of visual design and actual gameplay.   In Midnight Club Los Angeles players can engage in various activities from challenging people on the highway to road races to becoming a delivery driver.   When it comes down to the in game mechanics for Midnight Club Los Angeles the gadgetry that players are provided with such as the GPS system looked impressive.  Not only was the GPS system helpful in terms of finding shortcuts throughout the game but the overhead map view that provided during races looked pretty cool as well.

Midnight Club LA (2)

Even though, the gaming mechanics in Midnight Club Los Angeles were impressive the artificial intelligence in this game seemed very tough.  Midnight Club Los Angeles was one of those racing titles where players were expected to drive a near perfect race.  Similar to racing titles like Race Driver: Grid this game did not allow much room for error when it came down to competing against the CPU.   Once the CPU opponent has gained a significant lead over players in the race its almost impossible to catch up with them.  Also, while racing against CPU opponents dealing with law enforcement becomes very annoying after a while because its impedes the progress that players make during each competition.   The longer people play Midnight Club Los Angeles overcoming these challenges becomes less difficult over time.  Midnight Club Los Angeles was easily one of the most impressive titles that Rockstar Games had made during the 00’s.  Almost everything about it from the smooth frame rates to the in depth gameplay would easily make this game an instant classic in the genre of racing.

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