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Games of the 00’s- Beyond Good and Evil: (2003)

Beyond Good & Evil

When it comes down to games from the 00’s there were so many cool action adventure titles which was released during that decade.  But when it comes down to games that are highly underrated one of the few titles that comes to mind for some is Beyond Good and Evil which was developed by Ubisoft and released in late 2003.  After Beyond Good and Evil was released in the early 00’s too many people were not aware off the game considering the fact that it was commercially unsuccessful.  However, despite its commercial failure Beyond Good and Evil seems like an exciting action adventure game overall.


Beyond Good and Evil has an interesting plot that takes place in the 25th century while having players control the main character of this game named Jade.  As players progress throughout the game with Jade who joined by Pey’J and others to stop the alien threat known as DomZ they must navigate past various difficult obstacles along the way.  Beyond Good and Evil has many puzzles that players must solve throughout the game along with stealth based gameplay which makes the game feel more unique in comparison to the average action-adventure title.  In terms of console preference many would probably choose the PlayStation versions of that of the Xbox or Nintendo GameCube.

Beyond Good & Evil (2).jpg

In fact, the PlayStation 2 & 3 versions of Beyond Good and Evil reportedly did better in terms of sales in comparison to Gamecube or any of the Xbox consoles.  Even though, the PlayStation 2 port of Beyond Good and Evil did better than the other consoles the overall sales for the game was still pretty low.   Beyond Good and Evil seemed like an interesting fantasy adventure title which would look amazing if the game was recently released for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One.  If a game like Beyond Good and Evil was developed and released in this day and age using the Unreal or Unity game engine it would probably be considered an overall masterpiece.   Almost everything including the in-game mechanics, missions and cutscenes for Beyond Good and Evil were highly praised by most fans critics and fans alike.  But the quality for Beyond Good and Evil looked like it exceeded the quality of the graphics utilized for this game.  Beyond Good and Evil was truly an underrated title during the 128 bit era of gaming that deserved more recognition then it got.  Thankfully, this game received the high definition remake that it deserved a few years ago which was feature on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in 2011.

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