Should more MMORPG titles be released for game consoles?

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When it comes down the multiplayer online role playing game genre we generally think about popular  titles such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI and Star Wars: Old Republic.  Many people would argue that the MMORPG genre is best suited for the PC as opposed to game consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  When it comes down to game consoles there is a greater preference for Role Playing Games opposed to MMORPG titles.  Many RPG games  such as Final Fantasy XV, Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, League of Legends and the Mass Effect series are popular on today’s home consoles.  Not only do most RPG titles have great stories but the cinematic sequences makes them more appealing to the average gamer.

Final Fantasy 14

While there are also some MMORPG titles that have good stories they are quite as popular as the RPG genre.  When Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was released as a MMORPG title a few years ago the game received a more negative review then the last title Square Enix released in for that genre FFXI.  As many of us know the Final Fantasy series started of as an RPG title during the 80’s while a majority of the games within the franchise  has remained within that genre.   However, games like the Final Fantasy series have always been more popular on home consoles then they were for Microsoft Windows.

star wars old republic (2)

While there have been Star Wars titles that have been featured on multiple game consoles from Super Nintendo to the Xbox One they all had different genres.  The only thing about Star Wars was that the movies were popular long before it there were any games based off any of them.   It’s seems much easier to develop a brand new game that is an MMORPG than it would be to take one that has been popular as RPG and trying to convert it.  Also, the MMORPG genre relies heavily on the use of online gaming.  It may be true that PlayStation Network and the Xbox One allows people around the world to play with one another.

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However, some might argue that playing MMORPG titles like Phantasy Star Online 2 using the PlayStation Network or would most likely be more expensive.  When it comes down to online gaming players would have to purchase  many items such as: Season Passes, DLC Packs, Expansion Packs and Membership Cards like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Gold.  Also, when it comes down to MMORPG titles their value drops once a sequel is released and a new game comes out a few years later.  Making more MMORPG titles would be a great way for gaming companies to increase their revenue in theory.  But in practice many people will realize the true extent of how much they would be spending on order to play MMORPG titles on home consoles.  The cool thing about RPG titles is that game basically revolves around the story itself.  Also, RPG titles are generally one player games that are playable offline and great replay values.  While everyone would have their own opinion on MMORPG titles some gamers will probably agree that this particular genre is best suited for PC as to game consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.





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