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Classic Gaming- Pokemon Stadium: (1999)


When it comes down to the gaming world the mid to late 90’s was an exciting time period for the industry itself.  There were various game consoles like the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast that produced some innovative titles that many people were impressed by.  When it comes down to 3D gameplay and graphics one of the many games that was impressive for the Nintendo 64 was Pokemon Stadium which was released in 1998.  Even though, the game itself did not have a storyline it was interesting because allowed players to download their own Pokemon using the N64 Transfer Pak.  With the utilization of the N64 Transfer Pak players were allowed to download creatures from Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow into Pokemon Stadium in order to battle a series of trainers at the stadium.  When the game was first released for the Nintendo 64 many people were excited about it during the time since Pokemon was very popular during the 90’s and the early 00’s.

While Pokemon Stadium provided  a platform for players utilize their respective Pokemon for battle some people would probably argue that the game itself could have been much better if an actual storyline was included.   Along with the inclusion of numerous battles in the game players had the opportunity to win different prizes such as the Pika, Petit, Poke and Prime Cup in stadium mode.  Even though, playing Pokemon Stadium alone is fun the game also offers an exciting multiplayer mode in which people can challenge their friends if they also had an N64 Transfer Pak .While some people absolutely loved Pokemon Stadium others probably did not think that it was such a big deal.  Despite, what most people thought about the game itself Pokemon Stadium had managed to sell over five million copies since it was first released in Japan in 1999 along with being made available in America and Europe in 2000.  Pokemon Stadium was not only one of the most popular games for the Nintendo 64 but it was also special since the entire 3D series started with this game.

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