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Retro Gaming-The Karate Kid: (1987)


We all remember how cool the Karate Kid movie was back in the 80’s.  Shortly, after the movie became a hit Atlus had developed a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System which many people probably criticize to this day.  Generally, when it comes down to movie based video games many people generally have a negative opinions about them since they usually fall below the expectations of what they would expect.  The Karate Kid looked like a game that could have been much better than it actually was if the developers were more creative in making the game.  In Karate Kid for the NES players control the main character Daniel LaRusso and must navigate through four different levels in order to complete the game in its entirety.    The first level was a tournament where Daniel must defeat four consecutive fighters in a tournament before progressing to the side scrolling levels that follows the first stage.

Even though, there are only four levels the game itself is really difficult for a variety of reasons.  The controls for the Karate Kid seemed very stiff and there were also too many ways to lose a life.  Also, as players progress throughout the game the opponents become tougher along with the fact that Daniel’s fighting style never changes since he does not learn any new abilities.  While the graphics for the NES Karate Kid game was decent some would argue that the gameplay itself could have been much better.   Some would also agree that Karate Kid could have been longer and less challenging than it was. If Karate Kid was released a few years later for the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System its quite possible that the game could have been a pretty good overall if Atlus had put more effort into improving quality of the game.  While Karate Kid for the NES is generally panned by critics for a variety of reasons nobody can deny  that the first two movies were great and played a significant role in arousing the curiosity of people who were fans of them to check out the game itself.

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