Video Games in the 00’s – Sonic Battle: (2003)


When it comes down to Sonic games for the Game Boy Advance a majority of the most popular titles were mainly platformers.  Sonic Battle was one of the few games in the Sonic series that was popular during the early  00’s that was not a platform game to be featured on the Game Boy Advance.   Sonic Battle was a pretty cool fighting game that featured both single and multiplayer gameplay.  Along with having pretty cool 2D visuals the plot for Sonic Battle was also interesting.  Sonic Battle focuses on Eggman’s plans to capture a robot called Giznoid which was created by an ancient civilization a few millenniums prior to the time period the game takes place in.  The Giznoid who is also named Emerl by Sonic goes on to play a substantial role throughout the game as many characters have various encounters with him.

Sonic Battle features some of the most popular characters in the Sonic series includes Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream, Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog.  One of the most unique things about Emerl was that he could copy the ability of his opponents along with being able to harness the powers of the Chaos Emeralds.  Sonic Battle was a pretty unique game for its time especially considering the fact that the developers did not make that many titles with this type of genre.  The concept of having 2D graphics and sprites battling in a 3D arena was great and gave Sonic fans something new. Sonic Battle was exciting because it deviated from the  typical 2D platform genre that many fans are used to seeing in the Sonic series.  Sonic Battle looked like a game that could of been more popular if it was released for a home based console.  But the fact that the Sonic Team was able to make a game like Sonic Battle for the Game Boy Advance shows how creative and innovative they were back in the early 00’s.

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