Retro Games- Illusion of Gaia: (1993)


When it comes down to SNES classics one of the many games that many people instantly think about is the Illusion of Gaia which was released in the early 90’s.  The Illusion of Gaia is seen by many as the successor to ActRaiser 2 as well as being an excellent action RPG title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  The Illusion of Gaia presents people with three playable characters: Will, Shadow and Freedan.  The plot revolves mainly around Will and his friends journeying throughout various locations around the world including the Great Wall of China, Aztec Ruins and the Pyramids of Egypt to collect Mystic Statues.  This all takes place after Will is warned by a being called “Gaia” about the world being in danger due to a traveling comet that threatens to destroy humanity.  One of the interesting things about the story was that the was actually weapon ancient weapon and that Will & Kara were both revealed to be the Dark & Light Knights following their journey to the Tower of Babel.   In terms of visual presentation the Illusion of Gaia was probably one of the best action RPG titles for the Super Nintendo next to games like the Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3.

There were so many aspects about the Illusion of Gaia that was interesting including the special moves each character had along with the combo system used during battles with opponents.  The Illusion of Gaia probably had one of the best in game mechanics of any action RPG title for the SNES because it also allowed players to perform dash attacks, speed dashes and jump attacks making the game appear more fluid than stiff.  One of the most challenging yet interesting features of the Illusion of Gaia involved solving puzzles to unlock dungeons.  An example, would include solving Istar’s puzzle which requires players to pay close attention to everything they did when solving riddles.   Not only was the gameplay for the Illusion of Gaia great some people would also argue that it was better than ActRaiser 2.  The idea of having the main character Will narrate some parts of the story throughout the game added to one of the many qualities that made the Illusion of Gaia stand out as an action RPG title.  When it comes down to 16 bit action role playing titles the early 90’s was arguably the golden era for that particular genre of gaming.  Illusion of Gaia was and still is a 16 bit classic that definitely deserves a remake or a possible re-release for the Nintendo 3DS some time in the near future.

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