Retro Games- Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga: (2003)


The early 00’s was such a good time to be a game because there were so many innovative games out there for various consoles such as PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and the Game Boy Advance.  When it comes down to innovative titles for the Game Boy Advance one of the many games that come to mind is Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.  This game was one of the many RPG titles that most people found interesting following the release of Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 in 2000.  In terms of plot Mario and Luigi Superstar was creative and decided to deviate from the norm of keeping the setting in the Mushroom Kingdom just like many Mario games does.  Instead the plot for this game takes place in mainly in the BeanBean Kingdom after Mario & Luigi formed a temporary alliance with Bowser after Princess Peach’s voice was stolen by one of the main villains known as  Cackletta.  The other main villain known Fawful serves as Cackletta’s assistant to help her carry out her plans to use Princess Peach’s voice to have anything she desires through a sacred object after its awakening.

The cool thing about Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga was that it felt like a 32 bit Paper Mario game in terms of graphics.  The level up system was also interesting since it included various stats including health points, energy points, power, defense, speed, and stache.  While critics may have complained about the controls of this game the actually gameplay itself was quite impressive for a Game Boy Advance title.  Not only was Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga an impressive GBA title but it also managed to sell over two million units since its release in 2003.  Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga managed to sell more than other popular RPG titles such as Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Golden Sun and Final Fantasy IV: Advance.  Usually, when it comes down to Mario RPG titles they are generally exciting because we can always expect something really different in terms of storytelling.  Not only was Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga creative but it also considered an instant classic that is more expense than the average GBA title that anyone would see if they went to a used game store.

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