Games in the 00’s- Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls : (2004)


There is no question that the Final Fantasy series is among the most popular RPG’s of all time and has been since the 80’s.  When Final Fantasy I & II was released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80’s many people were impressed by the turn based role playing concept of the game especially considering the fact that they were not  quite as popular as some other genres in the gaming world.  When Final Fantasy I & II were developed by Square Enix back in the late 80’s it was featured on the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  While some people would argue that the graphics for the original two Final Fantasy games seemed abysmal in comparison to the ones for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System they may have also believed that both games deserved some type of high quality 2D remake.  One of the coolest things about the Game Boy Advance era in early 00’s was that many people got to play remakes some awesome classics from the 80’s and 90’s on a 32-bit handheld console.

The original Final Fantasy game gives players the opportunity to play as the Warriors of Light while the second one provides players with the task of thwarting The Emperor of Palamecia’s plans of world domination.   While the adventures in both Final Fantasy games are very interesting one of the coolest things about the Game Boy Advance versions of both games besides better graphics included the changes they made from the NES versions.  Some people would argue that Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls was more rewarding and slightly easier than the NES versions despite not being able to select the level of difficulty.  Also, the inclusion of the Magic Point system and more convenience in regards to purchasing items were also pretty cool features included Dawn of Souls as well.   Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls was a great title for the Game Boy Advance and was one of the games that would easily make many people nostalgic about the Game Boy Advance era in the early 00’s.

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