Should Square Enix include co-op gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 3?


The Kingdom Hearts series has been among the best as far as RPG title are concerned during the 2000’s decade.  Since the Kingdom Hearts series began in 2002 many people were amazed by the amount of creativity that the designers put into the original game.   While other titles in the Kingdom Hearts series were fun to play such as Chain of Memories & Dream Drop Distance the game that was developed for the PlayStation 2 and released in 2005 is generally considered to be the most memorable title to be featured on any home based console by many people.  When Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2005 it included many essential features that made the game itself great including a compelling storyline, fantastic gameplay along with high quality visual design.  One of the few things that separates Kingdom Hearts II from other games in the series such as Chain of Memories & Dream Drop included gameplay.  While Kingdom Hearts I & II were mainly single player games both Chain of Memories along with Dream Drop Distance had included multiplayer gameplay.

Even though, Kingdom Hearts I & II were both very good RPG titles for the PlayStation 2 many people have probably wondered over the years why those two games had never featured a multiplayer mode.  In fact, some people would probably agree that Square Enix had missed out on an opportunity to feature a two or three player co-op mode similar to what was utilized in the Secret of Mana which was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993.  Despite, having multiplayer gamplay for the portable systems such as the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Portable Square Enix had decided to make most of their PlayStation titles single player only.  While many people were perfectly fine with Square Enix making Kingdom Hearts I & II single player only others probably thought that a multiplayer mode would have contributed to improving the overall quality of bot games.  Despite, the fact that first two major games Kingdom Hearts series lacked multiplayer modes some people may wonder whether or not Square Enix will include a co-op mode for the next major title in the series for the PS4 along with the Xbox One.  If Square Enix does include a co-op mode for Kingdom Hearts III it would probably surprise to many people since most of their past PlayStation games were single player. However, there is a very decent chance that Kingdom Hearts III will be a single player action role playing title just like the first two games for the PS2.

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  1. I’d prefer if it were kept single player. Too many games recently have forced in multiplayer modes unnecessarily. If a game is designed with co-op in mind from the ground up, then fine. But putting it in because it’s the current “in thing” is rarely a positive choice.

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