Retro Gaming- The King of Fighters 2002


The King of Fighters series was exciting for both Arcade and the  Neo Geo back in the 1990’s and was seen by many to be among the best in terms of 2D fighting games.  After the King of Fighters 2002 was developed by Playmore many people were probably surprised that the same 2D sprites were used for the design of each character similar to that of most the previous games in the series.  The old school 2D gameplay however  is what made King of Fighters 2002 enjoyable in the eyes of many people.  This game was  similar to many other King of Fighter titles but one of the main differences was that players had more options when  it came down to character selection. The King of Fighters 2002 had one of the largest rosters in series which made this game along with including so many familiar faces from the past King of Fighters titles which added to its appeal.  The King of Fighters 2002 gave people the opportunity to play as many characters including K, Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazai, Iori, Ryo Sakazaki, Mature, Seth and many more.  Along with having a variety of characters there were also many teams that people could choose from as well as battle against including Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, K,  Orochi, Masters, Ikari Warriors, Psycho Solders and many more.

Along with having a variety of characters to choose from players can choose which order to battle their opponents in arcade mode. If one was really good at KOF 2002 they could pull of some insane chain combos when going against various opponents in arcade mode including the surprise battles against the likes of Kula who was one of the sub bosses of the game.  One of the most exciting parts of King of Fighters 2002 was the battle  in the end against Rugal. The cool thing about the Rugal battle was the cutscenes that occurred before the game.  Not much is explained prior to the battle against Rugal due to lack of dialogue but after defeating him people are almost certain that he was destroyed in the airship considering the fact that he was not featured in the sequel entitled King of Fighters 2003.  The fact that developers decided to retain the old school 2D graphics when the world of gaming was starting to focus more on 3D gameplay was very interesting.  During the early 2000’s games such as the  Soul Calibur and Tekken series was starting to become very popular and despite how fun this game was it arguably suffered from fierce competition within the fighting genre.  Many people from America have probably never heard of this game unless they are hardcore gamers or true fans of the King of Fighters series.  The King of Fighters 2002 was made available mainly in Japan during the early 00’s along with being released for multiple game consoles including the Neo Geo, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 along with the original Xbox. Even though the landscape of gaming was evolving the 2D gameplay that the King of Fighters 2002 along with its dream roster of characters from the series was something that would be successful in attracting hardcore gamers of the fighting genre along with being seen as classic to some people who are fans of the KOF in general.

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