Retro Gaming- King of Fighters ’99: (1999)


Throughout the 1990’s the King of Fighters series has been popular in various arcade centers around the world.  It was one of the most well known 2D fighting game series of the 1990’s and continued to improve as time progressed.  While most of the King of Fighter games were very good one of the classic that many people remember include the title that SNK released in 1999.  Months before the start of the new millennium SNK had released King of Fighters ’99 for the Sega Dreamcast.  Along with being released for the Sega Dreamcast King of Fighters ’99 was also ported to various other game consoles including the Neo Geo CD and the Sony PlayStation.   If you ask many people on which port is their favorite they would probably argue that the Neo Geo version is better than the PlayStation since its closer to the  arcade in terms of quality.   Also, with the Sony PlayStation King of Fighters ’99 can be annoying sometimes as far as loading times are concerned. There were several things about King of Fighters ’99  that some people including the introduction of new characters.

This game had introduced a new character known as “K” who was the leader of the hero team and had an interesting backstory.  King of Fighters ’99 had also introduced a new boss character named Krizalid who deceivingly strong once you battle him towards the end of the game.  Along with adding new characters SNK brought back many of our favorite characters from previous KOF games including Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusanagi, King, Kim Kaphqan, Joe Higashi, Lori Yagaim, Andy Bogard and more.  One of the features about King of Fighters ’99 that stood out the most was the 4 on 4 team battle option.  In previous King of Fighter games players were only limited to having up to a maximum of three people on a team and this feature is considered to be an improvement in comparison to the previous titles in the series.  One of the cool things about having four people on your team is that it increases your chances on defeating the final boss in this game.  After completing King of Fighters ’99 the game features some pretty cool cutscenes along with a cliffhanger ending featuring Krizalid.   King of Fighters ’99 was an excellent 2D fighting classic for its time and for those who never owned the game they can enjoy this title by downloading it on the PlayStation Network.

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