Retro Gaming- Hyperzone: (1991)


Hyperzone was a rail shooting game that was developed by HAL Laboratory for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991.  One of the cool things about Hyperzone was that the visual design for each stage looked similar to the original F-Zero game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Both Hyperzone and F-Zero had utilized Mode 7 which made the game appear far more realistic than normal racing titles for the SNES.  This rail shooting game includes a total of eight stages in which players must destroy various enemies on each level before reaching the main boss at the end of each stage and defeating them.  Completing Hyperzone is more difficult than it seems because it slowly becomes more difficult as you progress throughout the game.  While navigating throughout each stage players have a power meter that represents the condition of their ship and a charge bar which shows how much energy is placed into a blast.

Along with completing various levels in the Hyperzone player have the ability to upgrade their ship as they progress throughout the game making things that much easier as they get closer to the final stage.  The gameplay and visual design for Hyperzone was so impressive that it almost seemed like an actual arcade game.  Despite, not having much of a main story it was still a very cool rail shooting title that probably would have been more popular if it started out with an arcade release.  As impressive as this game was for the SNES some people have probably wondered why HAL Laboratory never released a sequel for Hyperzone.  When Hyperzone was first released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was still considered a new console while the Nintendo 64 was not released worldwide until 1996.  Maybe there were no plans to release a sequel and Hyperzone was not intended to have multiple sequels.  However, it would have been pretty cool to see a 3D sequel of Hyperzone for the Nintendo 64 or even a remake of the original SNES game itself. Despite, not having any sequels Hyperzone was still a pretty fun title to play for the SNES.

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