There were so many cool 2D fighting games during the 1990’s that many people had the chance to enjoy in arcade centers worldwide.  While the gaming world was shifting more towards three dimensional graphics and visual design there were still a fair amount to 2D games that were released in the mid to late 90’s.  Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter was the sequel to the X-Men vs Street Fighter game and the prequel to Marvel vs. Capcom which was developed by Capcom in 1997.  When Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter was released in arcade centers worldwide many people were blown away by the fast paced gameplay and the 2D visual design this title had to offer.  This game included some of the most popular characters from the Marvel and the Street Fighter series including Ryu, Wolverine, Ken, Akuma, Cyclops, Captain America, Chun-Li and others.  Similar to the prequel X-Men vs Street Fighter this game had feature crossover action which made this game so much fun to play in arcade centers worldwide.  During these two on two battle people had the ability to perform super moves, air combos, and double team super moves which can be executed once players learned how to master the game.  Following the released of Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter for the CP System the game was eventually ported for the Sega Saturn in 1998.  The cool thing about the Sega Saturn version of this game was that it played almost exactly like the original arcade version.  The Sony PlayStation version of Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter seemed inferior in comparison because people were unable to switch characters in the middle of battle unless it was a mirror match in crossover mode.

The crossover mode had required players to have a mirror version of their opponent as a partner and vice verse which was the only way people can switch characters in the middle of battle.  When many people bought the PlayStation version of this game they were probably a bit upset about the fact that it was different from the arcade version but at the same time it was still very fun to play.  In terms of difficulty the game itself does not seem to hard until you reach the boss battles towards the end of the game.  The boss battle against Apocalypse generally varies in terms of difficulty. If you were very good at X-Men vs Street Fighter than defeating Apocalypse is less likely to be a difficult task.  However, when you battle Cyber-Akuma afterwards you will immediately realize that you are in the fight of your life considering the fact that he is one of the toughest bosses in the series possible next to Onslaught in Marvel vs. Capcom.  The cool thing about Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter was that once you completed it the sequel for the game Marvel vs. Capcom did not seem as tough until you reached the final boss.  Despite, how good this game was some people would probably agree that Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter should have received a port for the PlayStation 2 similar to how Marvel vs. Capcom 2 did during the early 2000’s.  Even though, an arcade version of Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter was never re-released for any console than the Sega Saturn the game overall was very exciting and had a replay value that would probably last for a significant amount of time .

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