kirbys-adventure-u-prg1-00122When we think about popular platform games of the 80’s and 90’s there are many titles that come to mind including the Super Mario along with the Mega Man series which were highly popular following their releases.  Many of these revolutionary platform games made their debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System during the mid and late 80’s and continued to become more popular throughout the 90’s.  Kirby’s Adventure was the second installment within its series and was considered to be special considering the time period it was released in.  In the early 90’s Super Nintendo had become very popular following its release during the start of the decade in 1990. The first Kirby game “Dream Land” was released for the original Game Boy back in 1992 almost a year for “Adventure” made its debut.  What was special about Kirby’s Adventure was the quality of the game itself including graphics, stage design and the level of difficulty presented as players travel throughout seven worlds in order to collect various pieces of the broken Star Rod.

The plot for this game was pretty basic which allowed players to easily understand what their objective was in the game.  Along with traveling throughout several different worlds players had to encounter several foes such as Wispy Woods and Meta Knight who were among many bosses in the game who were tough to defeat.  The soundtrack for Kirby’s Adventure made the game more exciting since they have been remixed several times since they created.  Along with the final boss theme against Nightmare the Butter Building stage probably had one of the most memorable soundtracks in the entire series.  At times it was hard to believe that Kirby’s Adventure was an NES title because it looked like something that should have been made for the SNES considering how popular it was at the time.  The final boss battles in Kirby’s Adventure was probably the most difficult in the game but once you completed everything the ending felt worth the effort you put into it.  Kirby’s Adventure was a fantastic platform game for the NES game console and it was amazing that HAL Laboratory had developed this title for a home based console opposed to a hand held system in the early 90’s.

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