Classic Gaming- Super Metroid: (1994)


There have been many action-adventure classics that have been released over the past three decades that were considered to be memorable for various consoles since the NES during the 1980’s.  Super Metroid is one of the many games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that is considered to be a masterpiece by both fans and critics alike.  Everything about Super Metroid from the intro to the ending was amazing.  The opening for Super Metroid along with the audio sample would give people chills before they officially start playing.  The cinematic like opening for Super Metroid was fantastic and made you feel like you were about to watch an actual movie on the SNES.  Along with the cinematic features of Super Metroid the game provides players up front about all the details about the plot going into the game.  Some people have various opinions about the plot for this game because even though it was interesting it was rather dark considering what happened to the scientists prior to the Metroid Larva being stolen.

While controlling Samus players will have plenty of fun dealing with the Space Pirates throughout the game along with the leader of the group Ridley.  The cutscenes in this game especially for one of the endings in this game are awesome because it included high quality visuals and animation that exceeded the expectations of something you would see in a 16-bit SNES title.  The multiple endings of this game was also a nice feature that contributed to the replay value of Super Metroid because it was setup in a way where players had to complete everything within a few hours.  The endings in this game are based on how quickly the game is completed and if you were anxious to see all of them you would most likely complete the game more than once.  Besides along with completing the game the soundtracks in this game were pretty cool since most of them blended in perfectly with each stage. Similar to the prequels Super Metroid includes a save system where players can have multiple files that checkpoints their progress throughout the game.  Since its release this game had reportedly sold over 1.4 million units worldwide since 1994.  Despite, selling less than Metroid II: Return of Samus which sold over 1.7 million units Super Metroid is still heavily regarded to be one of the best SNES games of the early to mid 90’s.

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