Retro Gaming- Rad Racer: (1987)


When most people think about racing games of the 80’s one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Rad Racer which was developed by Square back in 1987.  It was around this time period where Sega Outrun was popular worldwide following its arcade release during the summer of 1986.  After the arcade release of Sega Outrun the game was ported to the Sega Master System the following year in 1987. After Rad Racer was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System many people were impressed by the visual aspects of this game.  Rad Racer had looked similar to an arcade game which was pretty cool considering the fact that it was an 8-bit game along with having realistic gameplay by NES standards.  Many people had enjoyed Rad Racer following its release but the main problem they had with this game was that it was too difficult.

While completing each course players are timed and have to travel at a certain speed.  Players not only complete each level within the time limit but also have to avoid travelling to fast because driving off course slows them down significantly and deters their progress from complete each course.  Along with trying to complete each level there were some cool visual effects some of the stages where the sky changed while you were driving.  The BGM for Rad Racer had also added to the appeal for this game along with making it more exciting than it already was in terms of gameplay.  For over the past two decades fans of the Rad Racer series have been hoping for a 3D remake of this racing classic because the first two games had a lot of potential to be great racing games on consoles such as: Nintendo 64, PlayStation or any of the other game systems that was released during the 2000’s.  If Square had decided to either remake or create a new Rad Racer game in this day and age it would probably be well received among fans and have a decent buyrate.  Technology has evolved a lot since the 80’s and Nintendo has become more innovative than ever when it comes down to gaming.  When Nintendo had released  Mario Kart 8 for the Wii-U the driving wheel was a great feature that added realism to the game itself.  Releasing Rad Racer for the Wii-U could prove to be an awesome experience that provides strong feelings of excitement for modern day gamers and nostalgia for older ones.

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