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Classic Gaming- The Legend of Dragoon: (1999)

There have been many classic RPG games for the original PlayStation console that most of us enjoyed back in the late 90’s and early 00’s.  The Legend of Dragoon which was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment was one of the few games that some people would consider a hidden gem when it comes to RPG classics.  While some people may not think much about it the Legend of Dragoon was a promising title when it first made its debut for the PS1 in 1999.  The game is centered around a person named Dart Feld who is the main character who has the responsibility of rescuing a girl by the name of Shana the adopted daughter of the mayor in the fictional city known as Seles.

After Dart sets out on his journey he meets various allies who eventually assists him throughout the game.  Each character in this game is unique because they are all recognized by different dragon spirits as the story progresses.  As one advances throughout the game they are some interesting development that takes place including the encounter with Kongol who starts off as one of Dart’s rivals before joining his group throughout the journey.  As you advance throughout the story the main character Dart is also joined by a variety of characters including Lavitz, Meru, Albert, Rose and Ravits who assists him in battling some of the toughest opponents the game as to offer.  When it comes down to in game bosses everyone has different opinions on who is most difficult. In this case the boss battles would have to be divided into two categories of mandatory and optional.

When it comes down to mandatory bosses many people would argue that Lenus and Doel are the toughest bosses in game.  When in comes down to optional boss battles many would argue that without a doubt Faust is the toughest boss in the entire game.  When it comes down to battling Faust one has to be very careful and develop a basic strategy on how to defeat him since his attacks can deal critical amount damage to your characters.  A majority of Faust attacks are weather based and includes elements such as wind, ice, thunder along with meteor attacks from space which is insane.  When battling Faust it is very important to utilize effective strategies for defeating him.  Usually, battling foes such as Faust required a series of trial and error along with strategic planning since their most of their attacks heavily diminished your HP.

The difficulty with bosses varied among many people and some would say that the optional boss battles was more difficult than the mandatory fights against the likes of Zieg Feld and the Divine Dragon from the second and third disks.  The Legend of Dragoon is one of the many classic PlayStation titles that probably deserves a sequel or a possible remake. After its release it was given a five star rating by GamePro and a fairly average score by IGN.  Usually, when any game received a good scores from a publication such as GamePro and IGN you were almost certain there was going to be a sequel for that particular title.  Only time will tell whether or not the series will receive a reboot or a sequel in the near future.



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