Classic Gaming- Phantasy Star Online: (2000)

There have been many RPG classics that haven been released over the past couple of decades that many people enjoyed.  But when you ask most people which RPG classics come to mind the Phantasy Star series along with Final Fantasy are generally on top of the list. The Phantasy Star series have produced some memorable titles during the 90’s but one of their more popular games includes Phantasy Star Online which was released for the Sega Dreamcast in late 2000.  Phantasy Star Online was a great title not only because it was an Role Playing Game but it was also a Massive Multiplayer game that many people could enjoy online.  This game was released around a time period when the internet was starting to become popular.  With Sega Dreamcast being one of the first consoles where one can participate in online gaming the debut of Phantasy Star Online was viewed as an instant attraction to fans of the RPG genre.

As many of us know Phantasy Star was mainly produced by Yuji Naka who was  one of the creators for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  Similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog series the Phantasy Star series has proven that it has a lot of potential.  The overall design and gameplay for Phantasy Star Online was great and provided players with many hours of fun.  This game takes elements of fantasy, fiction, and adventure and combines each of them in order to make an exciting title that people can mainly enjoy online.  One of the unique aspects of this game includes the fact that the creators decided to divert from the turn based RPG format.  The turn based format was common in most of the Phantasy Star games in the past but changing that feature in someways revitalized the series and got more people interested into Phantasy Star online because it was new.

The hack and slash MMORPG format for Phantasy Star Online was very exciting and was also a feature that Final Fantasy had not utilized until 2002 when FFXI was released.  Phantasy Star Online provides players with various customization options for the character you play as from classes to race preference.  The offline content features interest boss battles along with various side quests that will provide players with numerous hours of gameplay.  One of the reasons why many people enjoy this game is because it found a smooth balance between having exciting online gameplay and offline content.  Sometimes when popular games place most of its emphasis towards the online features of a title the game feels somewhat imbalanced.  Also, the replay value of the title varies on the quality of the game’s offline content.  If another version of a game is released and no one is playing the older version then the offline content would be one of the key aspects that determine its replay value.

Shortly, after is release Phantasy Star Online received positive reviews from gaming publications such as IGN and Eurogamer which ranked this title in the nine point bracket out  of ten. GameSpot didn’t score the title has high but gave it an eight out of ten which is still very good.  Phantasy Star Online is regarded by many as one of the most popular MMORPG games of the  2000’s decade.  When we think about some of the best games ever released for the Sega Dreamcast it would be safe to say that Phantasy Star Online would be ranked among the top ten.

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