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Gaming Consoles- Xbox: (2001)

As many of us know the early 00’s was a revolutionary time period in the realm of gaming.  It was around the mid to late 90’s when 3D gaming started to become very popular and since then both gameplay and graphics on various game consoles began to improve dramatically.  When Sony had released the PlayStation 2 in the year 2000 many people were blown away by the visual features provided by their selected central processing unit the Emotion Engine.  Along with having a fantastic CPU the PlayStation 2 also had many great titles that made the game console worth having.  Shortly, after the release of release of PlayStation the world witnessed the debut of the original Xbox game console.

The release of the Xbox console had included many great visual features produced by the Intel Pentium III  which served as the system’s central processing unit. Many people argue that the Intel Pentium III had provided far more advanced graphics then the Nintendo Gamecube and PlayStation 2.   The original Xbox console also included 8 to 10 GB on its internal hard drive while giving players the option to utilize an 8 MB memory card to save gaming data.  The original Xbox console also provided online service through Ethernet connection which gave people access to Xbox Live where people can engage in various types of activities.   The Xbox Live allowed people to download brand new content for various titles such as the Halo series along with participating in multiplayer online games.  People also had the opportunity to download new games stream the internet along with many other things.

After is initial release the original Xbox sold at least 24 million units worldwide which was spectacular.   The development of the original Xbox also exceeded the expectations of many people in terms of hardware & software development.  The original Xbox console was a pioneer in having a built in hard drive which allowed people save data without the use of a memory card.  The graphical features produced by Xbox was so lifelike that it had proved to be a worthy rival for the PlayStation 2.   Sometimes its hard to believe that the original Xbox console debuted over 14 years ago because time flies by very fast.  Video games have been around since the 1970’s and has gradually evolved over the past few decades.  While many people considered the 90’s to be the golden era of 2D gaming it would be safe to say that Microsoft made a great contribution to the advancement of 3D gaming during the 00’s with the introduction of the Xbox console.

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