Retro Gaming- Final Fantasy XIII 2: (2011)

As many of us know Final Fantasy XIII was developed by Square Enix and was released in 2009.  While many people enjoyed part 1 of Final Fantasy XIII some  had different options about game even though most of the reviews were positive.  In 2010, Square Enix had decided to partner with Tri-Ace to develop the second part of the game known as Final Fantasy XIII which was released in Japan during 2011.  Final Fantasy XIII 2 was released worldwide in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and eventually Microsoft Windows in late 2014.  The second part of Final Fantasy XIII once again utilizes the Crystal Tool engine and provides players with a wonderful gameplay experience as they travel throughout various regions of the game.

Not only do players have the opportunity to journey throughout various places in the game but the element of time travel is also significant.  The timeline for Final Fantasy XIII 2 begin with one of the main characters Serah Farron in at 3 AF.  Serah eventually meets a time traveler from 700 AF named Noel Kreiss who is also another protagonist in the game.  Throughout the game the player travels throughout different time from 3 AF to 500 AF  Along with time travel being a huge part of the main storyline Final Fantasy XIII part 2 includes a slightly refined combat system known as the “Command Synergy Battle” system.  Some people might argue that the the Command Synergy Battle system is slightly more complicated than the Active Time Battle system used in the previous game because a certain amount of slots are need to initiate certain actions.   On the contrary, other people enjoy the new battle system for Final Fantasy XIII 2 because of its innovation and the amount of thought the developers put into refining game’s battle system.

While battling players are required to have a certain amount of slots filled on their ATB bar to use magical abilities or to attack.  At first glance battling enemies can seem frustrating at times but as the game progresses the ATB bar can expand overtime which was good since players are rewarded for their perseverance throughout the game. While playing through Final Fantays XIII 2 people while encounter many interesting boss battles before taking on the final boss Jet Bahamut.  But the main boss that many people seem to complain about is Raspatil who has many devastating attacks including Aleph Zero.   Many people have developed countless strategies on how to defeat Raspatil but it is normally recommended that one goes into battle with their character’s Crystarium levels  as high as possible.

After its initial release Final Fantasy XIII 2 had an outstanding buyrate in Japan by selling over 500,000 copies within its first week.  Also, gaming publications such as Eurogamer, Game Informer, and IGN has scored the title in the eight point bracket while Game Informer and Famitsu had praised Final Fantasy XIII 2.   One of the minor criticisms of this game includes idea that the main characters of were not included in much bigger roles such as Lighting.  However, along with Lighting other characters from Final Fantasy XIII part 1 had made cameos in the game rather than being ignored all together.  Overall, Final Fantasy XIII part 2 was great and is recognized as one of the best selling game of the PlayStation 3 game console today.


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