Classic Gaming- SSX Tricky: (2001)

As many people know SSX Tricky was the immediate sequel for the original SSX which was developed by EA Canada and released in 2001.  SSX Tricky was a well made sequel from the original game because not only it included great gameplay but it also expanded on a few things in the original game.  This title introduces additional features including a few new stages along with new gaming modes such as “world circuit”.    Many people would argue that world circuit mode is probably the best in the entire game because it allows players to win various prizes such as medals ranging from Gold to Bronze along with unlocking new characters.  Even though the first game SSX was made exclusively for the PlayStation 2 this title was made available on multiple consoles including Gameboy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox.

SSX Tricky had received many good reviews for each console except for the Game Boy Advance.  The Game Boy Advance version of this title had looked synonymous to an old PC game in terms of graphics.  Also, the constrictions of the 32 bit- handheld console had deprived players of enjoying  SSX Tricky the same way they would for the PlayStation 2.  SSX Tricky gives players the option to choose various characters such as: Mac, Kaori, Psymon, Cody, and Eddie. Each character has their own set of stats along with their accustomed styles such as Freestyle and BX.  Along each player having their own gimmick the character select screen features early 2000’s futuristic techno music to get players hyped up to race in different countries around the world.

When SSX Tricky was originally released in 2001, it was  a very fun game to play.  However, SSX Tricky was developed during a time when gaming developers were starting to master 3D gaming.  Looking at this game from today’s standards  the graphics pale in comparison to what we see now in terms of design but this title seemed ahead of its time when it was first released.   After receiving several positive reviews from numerous gaming publications critics had ultimately determined that the PlayStation 2 was the best version of SSX Tricky.  As memorable as this game was to many fans of the SSX series some people had found its sequel entitled SSX 3 to be just as good if not better when it was released in late-2003.

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