Retro Gaming- Double Dragon: (1987)


Double Dragon was an arcade game that was originally released in 1987.  This beat em up classic had featured two characters Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy Lee going into battle with the Black Warrior gang.  The main objective is for both brothers to rescue a woman Billy has a crush on after she is captured.  Double Dragon is one of the most popular beat em up games that was released in 80’s before it was ported to other gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the arcade version of Double Dragon was more superior than the NES its was also slightly different.  The NES version of Double Dragon was only one player along with having Jimmy Lee as the leader of the Black Warrior gang.  As many people know Double Dragon was also ported to  the Sega Master System and Game Boy with different features for each console.


However, despite the ports Double Dragon had received many would argue that the arcade version is the best in terms of gameplay and graphics.  The arcade version of Double Dragon was not only a great gaming experience but also had a nice soundtrack especially since this game was made in the 80’s.  Double Dragon had included various elements that would make any normal beat em up game enjoyable including the use of weapons along adventurous stages where players must combat numerous enemies.  Some people would argue that Double Dragon is not as difficult as it may seem; but honestly one must ask themselves how many coins did they use before they completed the entire game.  Overall, Double Dragon was fun beat em up game for both kids and young adults and while the title grew in popularity it would only be a matter of time before it received a movie release in 1994.

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