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Classic Gaming- Star Fox 64: (1997)


Star Fox 64 was released for the Nintendo 64 game console in 1997 and was considered to be the sequel to the original Star Fox game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993.  This game similar to its SNES predecessor has some of the same characters and utilizes realistic animation.  However, in Star Fox 64 the 3D animation is highly advanced and includes more features to make this title more enjoyable.  Star Fox 64 includes both a multiplayer and training mode which allows players to spend more time mastering game in comparison to the original Star Fox.   Speaking of the original Star Fox this game the plot in similar because the main goal for Fox McCloud and his friends includes stopping Andross only with a slight twist.  In Star Fox 64 James & Peppy are captured by Andross after being betrayed by Pigma Dengar which leads Fox McCloud on his journey throughout this game.


While Andross launches an attack on the Lylat system players have the opportunity to help Fox McCloud launch a counterattack against the main antagonist and his forces during each mission. Each mission in this game is great because they include different stages which have various levels based on difficulty; this feature is especially significant because it makes the game both challenging and exciting.  The replay value on this game would be high because not only is Star Fox 64 a fun adventurous title but people can beat the game multiple times to play on various stages along with varying difficulty levels.   Following its release Star Fox 64 was not only known as one of the best games to be released for Nintendo 64 but it also had received great reviews from many gaming publications.  GamePro had given Star Fox 64 a five star rating for being an excellent scroll shooter game probably one of the best for the Nintendo 64 game console.  The reception this game had received was  positive and makes people wonder if the game would have been as great if it was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  But due to the limitations of the SNES it would be safe to say that scrapping Star Fox 2 for the 16-bit Super Nintendo console had worked out for the best in the long run;  it had also allowed the creators to produce a classic that some people still enjoy today.

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