Grand Theft Auto series achieves impressive milestone

The Grand Theft Auto series is without question one of the most popular video game franchises in the gaming world today. Ever since the release of GTA 5 back in 2013 the amount of mainstream attention and success that the series has received within the past decade has been insane. Recently, it has been mentioned that the Grand Theft Auto series has managed to surpass over 400 million copies sold in lifetime sales; which is something that was reported by Take-Two Interactive in their most recently quarterly earnings report. Its a well known fact that Grand Theft Auto V had managed to earn at least $1 billion in revenue within the past decade. Grand Theft Auto V is considered to be one of the greatest action-adventure games of all-time and people are still playing the game today for multiple game systems. As it currently stands the world is waiting for the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto VI which is expected to be released sometime around late 2024. While we are still waiting for an official release date and reveal trailer for GTA6 it should be noted that at least 180 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V has been shipped since September 2013 which nothing short of astounding. The hype for GTA6 is crazy right now with gamers around the world having high expectations for RockStar’s upcoming action-adventure title.

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