Retro Gaming 10’s- Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)

When it comes down to high profile video games from the early 2010’s that appeared on the Nintendo 3DS one of the most memorable titles that we got was Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon from 2013. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was the direct sequel to the original Mansion title that appeared on the GameCube console back in 2001. The setting for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon to place Evershade Valley which provided players with five different mansions that players could travel to. The game saw King Boo return as the main villain as had to collect several pieces of the Dark Moon after it was shattered. The Dark Moon object was used to prevent ghosts in Evershade Valley from becoming hostile and with the artifact in pieces Professor E. Gadd was forced to call Luigi to handle the situation. The graphics for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon looked amazing by Nintendo 3DS standards and was a game that probably should have been saved for the Wii-U console. In terms of sales Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon had managed to reach over 6.4 million copies worldwide surpassing that of its GameCube predecessor which reached over 3 million.

The storytelling, lightning and dialogue were all strong positives that made Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon a worth sequel of the original 2001 game. However, there are some people who would prefer the gameplay of the original Luigi’s Mansion game or that of the third installment from 2019. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was more exciting than it had any business being especially considering the fact Luigi has spent the longest time for the past few decades playing second fiddle to Mario in video games. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was probably the best Super Mario spin-off game to have been released for the Nintendo 3DS and is a game the deserved to be remastered for the Nintendo Switch. The touchscreen mini-map was a cool feature for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon along with the co-op multiplayer game mode known as ScareScraper. While the ScareScraper mode was exciting actual canon characters of the Super Mario series should have been featured as playable character opposed to simply having palette swaps of Luigi. Not only was this game exceed the expectations of many people but it gave Luigi the chance to shine more as a main protagonist and likewise with King Boo being the main villain.

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