Retro Gaming 10’s- Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

The early 2010’s was a glorious time period to be alive because almost everything gaming related from those years was impressive. While the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii console had countless games that attracted mainstream attention there were several underrated gems that appeared on Nintendo 3DS during the 2010’s. One of the few video games that appeared on the Nintendo 3DS that often gets overlooked is Kid Icarus: Uprising from 2012. For those who do not know Kid Icarus: Uprising was developed by Sora Ltd & Project Sora and published by Nintendo. Kid Icarus: Uprising was the third major installment within its series following the release of “Myths & Monsters” title which was released for the original Game Boy back in 1991. The Kid Icarus series began as a 8-bit game back in ’86 during the NES era and is one that people did not expect to continue following the early 90’s. The way Kid Icarus: Uprising was made exceeded the expectations of many people who were long time fans of the series. Kid Icarus: Uprising was the first 3D entry within its series and it ended being radically different than its prequels in relation to gameplay, graphics and its overall presentation. Kid Icarus: Uprising was the first game within its series to have voice-over dialogue which was one of the strongest positives of this 3DS title. The dialogue involving the main character Pit was humorous throughout the game and he had a personality that players could easily become fond off. After learning about Medusa’s resurrection Pit seeks to do everything in his power to destroy her while being aided by the goddess Palutena who gives him the ability of flight.

Kid Icarus: Uprising has 25 chapters with Hades being the main villain along having to fight through various bosses such as Medusa, Pandora, Twinbellows, and Hewdraw. Kid Icarus: Uprising was a very unique video game because it was third-person shooter that also had rail-shooting gameplay. Even though, rail-shooters had greatly declined in popularity after the 80’s and early 90’s the creators of Kid Icarus: Uprising found a way to make that genre work in 2012 on the Nintendo 3DS. Kid Icarus: Uprising was action-packed from start to finish and the pacing of the story was near-perfect. One of the main drawbacks about Kid Icarus: Uprising was the fact that control scheme had proved to be a bit problematic for some people since players had to rely on the 3DS stylus pin to target and shoot enemies. Aside from the controls Kid Icarus: Uprising was a great family game that casuals could easily get into especially since the story was not heavily tied to previous entries that appeared on the NES or Game Boy. Despite, its lack of mainstream popularity Kid Icarus: Uprising managed to reach over one million copies in sales and was regarded as one of the best shooter games to have appeared on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2012. Its a shame that Kid Icarus: Uprising never received an official sequel because it was probably the best entry within its series. Seeing how good Kid Icarus: Uprising was over a decade ago the game at least deserves a remake for the Switch console. Seeing that Kid Icarus: Uprising was published by Nintendo is very likely that the company still owns the license to the video game series.

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