Fire Emblem: Three Houses- Nintendo’s best RPG of the 2010’s?

When it comes down to high profile RPG titles from the 2010’s there is no other title that has seemingly received more mainstream media attention on the Switch console than Fire Emblem: Three Houses from 2019. While Fire Emblem: Three Houses is most likely far from being the best RPG title of the 2010’s overall it was definitely one of the best games within that genre produced by Nintendo. Since its release back in 2019 Fire Emblem: Three Houses had managed to reach over 3 million copies sales on the Switch console. There are many who would go on record and argue that Fire Emblem Three Houses was probably the best installment within its series aside from Fire Emblem: Awakening which appeared on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2012. Unlike, most RPG’s today which are generally action-role playing video games Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers old-school grid based combat and has a compelling storyline with intriguing characters and beautiful animation. In terms of quality there is no doubt that Fire Emblem: Three Houses was probably Nintendo’s best RPG of the 2010’s because nothing really big appeared on the Wii-U console from 2012-2017 in relation to that specific genre. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is probably the best installment within the series post 2000’s in terms of graphics, gameplay and storytelling and it seems like titles such as FE: Engage (2023) has been unable to match the level of popularity that game has within the past few years. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has to be in least in the top five in terms of best games within its own franchise. Generally, speaking Nintendo does not specialize in making high profile RPG titles that attract mainstream attention because the corporation focuses more on genres such as action-adventure and platform games; such being the case with the Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid series. However, Nintendo has proven they can produce high profile RPG’s with old-school tactical gameplay and outshine some of its competitors despite their lack of franchises within that genre.

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