AEW Fight Forever- Will it rival WWE 2K23 in popularity?

There are so many big video game releases that everyone is looking forward to in relation to 2023 with AEW: Fight Forever being one of them. We saw trailers for All Elite Wrestling’s upcoming game last year and are still uncertain on the game’s official release date. AEW: Fight Forever is supposed appear on game systems like PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One and is seen as the pro wrestling title that is expected to rival WWE 2K23 in popularity. While would many people would go on record and argue that AEW: Fight Forever does not look as polished as WWE 2K23 the game definitely seems grittier and feels more raw in comparison. AEW: Fight Forever is going to be developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ Nordic and the gameplay resembles that of the SvR series from the 2000’s. The key game modes the will featured in AEW: Fight Forever will be Career Mode, Online Co-op gameplay; with the inclusion of various match types including: Casino Battle Royal, Unsanctioned Lights Out Match, Ladder Match and the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. There are also basic match types including Singles, Tag-Team, 3-Way Match and 4-Way Match along with blood and gore and “T” rated violence. AEW: Fight Forever as a roster that consists of at least 50 pro wrestlers including the likes of Chris Jericho, Kenny Omaga, MJF, Jon Moxley, Britt Baker, Brian Danielson and more. There are many people who are hoping to see the release of AEW: Fight Forever before the end of the year but GCW challenging the “Fight Forever” trademark over All Elite Wrestling’s upcoming game could possibly delay the release date of this title even further. While WWE 2K23 has more star power in relation to the roster 2K Sports have also added a brand new match type that everyone is talking about right now which is the War Games match. In terms of graphics, quality and variety in relation to match types WWE 2K23 definitely has the upper hand over AEW: Fight Forever especially considering the fact that the pro-wrestling 2K series has been around at least a decade now.

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