Nintendo Labo- Would be considered a success?

Its hard to believe that its been about five years since the Nintendo Labo was released. The Nintendo Labo was a toys to life accessory that was designed to appeal mainly to children. The Nintendo Labo came out back in April 2018 and since its release many people have had nothing but good things to say about it. When Nintendo Labo first came out it was priced around $69.99 and really caught the attention of adults and teachers who were pro-education. The Nintendo Labo was seen as a creative & innovative way to help educate children while the had fun. Unfortunately, the Labo did not live up Nintendo’s high expectations from a sales perspective and did not even break over 2 million in sales. When it comes down to Nintendo accessories in general the Labo was one of the corporation’s coolest inventions and while it was not a massive success it was also not necessarily a failure either. The Nintendo Labo came out during a year where three of the greatest PS4 titles of the 2010’s decade were released. In 2018, we saw the releases of God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Monster Hunter: World and those games took the gaming world by storm and received a ton of mainstream attention. If the Nintendo Labo was released in wither 2017 or 2019 it could have possibly have been a bigger deal than it was from 2018 onwards.

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