Should RockStar remake the Midnight Club games?

There are many people who remember the legendary Midnight Club racing series from the 2000’s. The Midnight Club series had four main installments that were released all throughout the decade mostly between 2000-2008. When the Midnight Club series first began back in 2000 too many people did not pay attention to it until the series grew in popularity around the mid 2000’s. Not only did each installment get better in terms of graphics but the licensed music that people could play during races really added a lot the overall gameplay experience of the Midnight Club seres. The Midnight Club series shined during a time period where the racing genre was more popular than ever. The Midnight Club series could have ended becoming more popular than it was during the 2000’s; but fierce competition definitely played a role in hindering the overall popularity of the Midnight Club series. During the 2000’s decade we got to see the release of racing titles that achieved enormous commercial success such as; Gran Turismo 3, GT4, Need For Speed Underground 1, NFSU 2 and Need For Speed Most Wanted. It should also be noted that the 2000’s was decade that the Forza racing series began and when the Project Gotham series was still relevant. There were many people who were shocked when RockStar Games decided not to make any more entries after Midnight Club: Los Angles. If RockStar Games brought back the Midnight Club series it would definitely turn heads in the gaming world. In fact, the revival of the Midnight Club series could potential outshine the Need For Speed and Gran Turismo franchises in this day and age. The racing genre for the most part has significantly declined in popularity within the past decade probably with the exception of the Forza series. As it currently stands the racing genre needs more variety and options in relation to high profile titles other than Need for Speed and Gran Turismo and the Forza series. While remaking the Midnight Club series on modern day game with new possibly licensed soundtracks sounds cool it seems something that is unlikely to happen considering how expensive it would be.

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