Mario Bros Movie expected to make $90 million in first week?

It looks like 2023 is shaping up to be a huge year for gaming especially considering the all the blockbuster releases that we are going to see in the future. As it currently stands everyone is waiting to see the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros movie which set to appear in various theaters worldwide across the world in early April. The new Super Mario Bros movie will be produced by Illumination, Universal Pictures and Nintendo and will be utilizing 3D CGI graphics to bring the legendary video game series to life. Its uncertain on what the budget for the Super Mario Bros movie is but we do know that the movie site Deadline had reported that producers are expecting the game to be a massive box office success. According to Deadline The Super Mario Bros Movie is expected to make around $90 million within its first week. If the Super Mario Bros Movie ends up making around $90 million within its first week it would become one of the greatest video game film releases of all-time. The trailers for The upcoming Super Mario Bros movie already looks better than the film from ’93 which was heavily criticized by many people following its release. The dialogue, presentation and humor this upcoming Mario bros movie are seemingly flawless and it has the potential to give the two Sonic movies from 2020-2022 a run for its money. While Mario has dominated Sonic within the realm of gaming during the past three decades let see if he can surpass the blue hedgehog in popularity on the big screen.

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