Hyper Light Breaker set for release in Fall 2023

It looks like we have a brand new action-adventure RPG title coming out later this year for PC. Hyper Light Breaker will be developed by Heart Machine and licensed by Gearbox Publishing and is a game with a rich 3D open world design that allows co-op gameplay. The setting of the game takes place in the fictional world of Overgrowth which is located within the world of Hyper Light. The main objective for players in Hyper Light Breaker is to overthrow the Abyss King who apparently the primary antagonist of this game. The overall presentation for this upcoming indie game looks very impressive and does not look like its heavily story driven. As it currently stands the game looks like its going to be exclusively for Microsoft Windows as it has not been listed for a release on PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch.

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