Classic Soul Calibur games being remastered soon?

Its been somewhat of slow time period in relation to gaming news as it pertains to Q1 2023 but the rest of the year looks great in relation to upcoming releases. One of the few rumors that has been swirling around online as of late that Bandi Namco is considering remastering classic Soul Calibur titles from the late 90’s and the early 00’s. The classic Soul Calibur games for PS2, Xbox and GameCube are all legendary and do not receive the type of recognition that it deserves nowadays. The latest installment within the Soul series that we got to see was Soul Calibur VI from 2018. Despite, being one of the best fighting games of the late 10’s it was not quite as popular as the earlier installments from the Dreamcast/PS2 era of gaming. Rumors surrounding the potential re-releases of classic Soul Calibur games reportedly came from the Xbox Era Podcast and was mentioned by journalist Nick Baker. While Bandi Namco has yet to officially confirm anything about the classic Soul Calibur games being remastered and re-released; many are hoping to hear more from Bandi Namco at this year’s E3 event if they have any plans on making an appearance at the conference in June 2023. Soul Caliber II is a game that should have been remade in HD about a decade ago and its surprising that nothing was ever done with SC3 from 2005 since that game was an underrated gem for the PS2. Soul Calibur IV gained some mainstream attention due to guest appearances by Star Wars characters like Darth Vader and Yoda. If older installments within the Soul Calibur series get remastered it will interesting to see what changes are made if they do reappear on game systems like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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