PlayStation 4- Would it be considered overrated?

When it comes down to the 2010’s there is no question that it was a great time to be a fan of 3D gaming. One of the most successful game consoles to have emerged from the 2010’s decade was the PlayStation 4 hands down. There is no question that the PlayStation 4 has sold more units and gained more mainstream media attention worldwide than any other game system from the 2010’s decade. The PlayStation 4 has managed to reach at least 117 million units in worldwide sales since its release in Q4 2013. The best selling game for the PlayStation 4 was Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018 which managed to reach at least 20 million copies in sales since its release; followed by God of War which managed to reach over 19 million copies. There was really no game system that could hold a candle to the PlayStation 4 in terms of graphics maybe with the exception of the Xbox One which was nowhere near as successful on a commercial level. Despite, the success of the PlayStation 4 the console did not outsell the PlayStation 2 from 2000 which reached over 155 million in sales. It should also be noted that unlike the PS5 & PS2 the PlayStation 4 was not backwards compatible with last generation video games. Sony not making the PS4 backwards compatible was something many people thought was a mistake on the corporation’s part but they ended up crushing Microsoft and Nintendo in the console wars during the 2010’s. The PlayStation 4 made the Wii console from 2006 look overrated and was more superior than the Wii-U console in terms of quality. There are many people who still own a PS4 today while enjoy titles like Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and countless others on Sony’s last generation game system. The idea of the PS4 console being overrated sounds absurd especially considering the fact that there are more positives than negatives as it related to Sony’s eighth generation console.

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