Hogwarts Legacy- Best RPG of 2023 so far?

We are still within the first quarter of 2023 and we have games like Hogwarts Legacy breaking records in relation to sales and overall success. The Hogwarts Legacy game came out back on February 10th and the game has already sold approximately 12 million copies worldwide on game systems like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows. There are many people who are intrigued by Warner Bros. Games new RPG which developed by Avalanche Software using the Unreal Engine 4. The setting for Hogwarts Legacy takes place within the 1800’s about a decade before the events of Harry Potter where players can explore an open world environment as a wizard or a witch. For the most part people have had nothing but good things to say about Hogwarts Legacy and that it was worth every cent of the $69 that they had paid for. Hogwarts Legacy has yet to be released for the Nintendo Switch along with last generation game systems like the PS4 and Xbox One which is expected to take place between April and July 2023.

Since its release Hogwarts Legacy has been put into the limelight especially considering the fact that world famous author J.K. Rowling has called for fans to boycott the game altogether. While J.K. Rowling was not involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy the setting of the game takes place within the Harry Potter universe and she is seen as the sole owner of any intellectual property that relates to the series in general. Despite, receiving royalties from the success of Hogwarts Legacy J.K. Rowling was obviously not too happy about being excluded from its development. While Hogwarts Legacy caters more towards the LGBTQ audience the believe is that J.K Rowling along with her fanbase opposes that agenda leading to controversy surrounding game’s release. The added controversy has seemingly done nothing but make Hogwarts Legacy more popular which is somewhat similar to the Bayonetta 3 dilemma involving Hellena Taylor. The voice actress for Bayonetta 3 was unhappy with salary and called for fans of the series to boycott it prior to its release; which made more people want to buy instead despite Nintendo getting a different voice actress for the role. While Final Fantasy XVI is considered to be one of the most highly anticipated video games of 2023 it seems unlikely that it will surpass Hogwarts Legacy in sales; especially since FFXVI is set to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Hogwarts Legacy has managed to bring in at least $850 million in revenue in less than a month and is without a doubt a strong candidate for “Best RPG Game” of 2023.

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