Should Sony drop the price of the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 has been around for about two years now its become one of the most popular game systems that we have seen within the past two decades. Despite, how expensive the PS5 has been since its release the console has been selling out like crazy in multiple retailers across America. So far the PlayStation 5 has managed to reach at least 30 million units in sales since its release during Q4 2020. The average price for the standard PS5 is around $500 if your lucky but sometimes the console sells for far more online depending on where its purchases. In fact, when the PS5 initially came out people reselling the game system online on websites like Ebay for around $700-$800. In fact, at one point Walmart used to charge ridiculous prices for a PlayStation 5 bundle and this was before God of War:: Ragnorok came in November 2022. If Sony continues to make a massive profit of the PlayStation 5 then there is really no reason for the company to drop the price further than they need to; especially if the console is doing great from a financial standpoint. While the Nintendo Switch is currently in the lead in relation to sales compared to other consoles the PS5 is arguably the top current generation game systems of this day and age. While price of the PlayStation 5 will most likely drop within the next few years or so it does not seem like Sony has no intention on slashing the price of their ninth generation game system unless a special holiday related sale is involved.

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