Ninjala reaches an impressive milestone

One of the biggest stories regarding gaming that has been swirling around the Internet as of late is the massive success that Ninjala has achieved since its release for the Nintendo Switch back in Summer 2020. Ninjala is probably one of the most popular video games for the Switch console right now outside of the Mario and Zelda series. GungHo Online Entertainment’s Ninjala game looks very similar to that of the Splatoon series in relation to art direction. However, unlike the Splatoon games Ninjala is more of a action melee type of game opposed to a third person shooter. While Splatoon 3 was a huge success following its 2022 release it should also be noted that Ninjala has managed to reach over 10,000,000 since its inception. The fact that Ninjala has only been around for over two years as a Switch exclusive and managed to achieve that much success is unreal. The boost to over ten million downloads came following Ninjala’s recent collaboration with the popular Attack on Titan series. Ninjala looks like its going to be one of the most popular video games on the Switch as it relates to the 2020’s in general as it continues to increase in popularity.

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