Super Mario Bros Movie Super Bowl LVII Trailer

There are many people around the world who tuned in to watch Super Bowl LVII as the Chiefs took on the Eagles in their championship game on February 12th. While there were a variety of Super Bowl ads that appeared for Super Bowl LVII one of the few commercials that really caught people’s attention was the one concerning the new Super Mario Bros movie. Some would argue that the Super Mario Bros movie commercial was kinda cheesy but the opening seconds of the trailer brought back feelings of nostalgia. A remix of original Super Mario Bros theme song for the plumbing commercial was something many people found very humorous. Also, we saw footage regarding Mario’s confrontation with Donkey Kong making reference to the Smash Bros series which is something that the world has already seen in a previous trailer. The new Super Mario Bros movie is set to appear worldwide in theaters on April 7th is will be one of the most highly anticipated video game films of the 2020’s decade thus far.

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