Is Destiny 2 still a huge attraction in 2023?

Everyone knows that Destiny 2: LightFall is set to be released on Feb 28th. Its hard to believe that Destiny 2 has been around since 2017 and that we are about to get Season 20 in 2023. The latest season of Destiny 2 came out back in December 2022 known as the “Season of Seraph”. Similar to all the previous seasons Destiny 2: LightFall will feature online PvP and co-op gameplay with the Standard Edition of the game being priced at $60. The visual presentation for Destiny 2: LightFall looks impressive and those who pre-order this expansion pack will have access to items such as Exotic Ghost and Legendary Emblem. Even though, Titanfall 2 has been around for the past few years it seems like we might not see a Titanfall 3 anytime soon in the near future. As of right now it does not seem like LightFall will be the final expansion as Destiny 2 is still a huge attraction within the online gaming community. It has reported back in Q4 2022 that over 42 million players had registered into Destiny 2 and the game has recently gotten more mainstream attention this past year especially with Sony’s $3.6 million acquisition of Bungie. Destiny 2 is really not that old but at the same time we only had to wait roughly over three years before Bungie had released the game following the first Destiny installment from 2014. Destiny 2 will most likely remain one of the most popular PC video games of the next few years or so as it relates to 2020’s decade.

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