Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo skipping E3 2023?

One of the biggest stories in relation to gaming news that has been circulating across the internet involves the annual E3 event that takes place each summer during June. It has recently been revealed that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may not be appearing at E3 2023 this year which is something that could have a major impact on the overall structure of the event itself. Its a well known fact that the E3 event was cancelled this past year due to issues concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Its also known that Sony had skipped E3 2021 as well which was something that gained mainstream attention once the news broke out that year. It seems like the annual E3 events have lost their lost their luster within the past decade because not too many people look forward to anything exciting in terms of video game reveals. When it comes down to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo more people look forward to their direct presentations opposed to them appearing at E3 events so it would make sense for each company to be absent a this year’s gaming conference. It has been confirmed that E3 2023 will have some major changes in relation to what people are used to seeing in previous events along new organizer in ReedPop. Also, this year is supposed to be the first physical presentation that E3 has done in years and will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between Jun 13th- Jun 15th this upcoming summer.

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