Should Stray be ported for Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to high profile video games in relation to 2022 one of the few titles received universal praise from critics and gaming publications was Annapurna Interactive’s Stray. Stray was a unique adventure game where players took control of a stray cat in a open world futuristic cyberpunk themed environment populated by robots. Players engage in various puzzle solving activities as they had to gain access to B-12’s memories to learn more about the story. B-12 was a drone who served as a companion to the stray cat throughout the game as players had to find his scattered memories. Stray is probably one of the most popular non-Nintendo “E “rated video games to have been released back in 2022. Despite, its immense popularity Stray was not a massive commercial success and did not sell as much as many had hoped. While seeing Stray on the Nintendo Switch would be cool there is a good chance that Stray would not be a huge attraction on the Nintendo Switch. Everyone knows that first party video games within the Mario and Zelda series is likely to overshadow any third party title that appear on the Switch console. Stray stands out more on the PlayStation 5 mainly because you have too many high profile “E” rated adventure games on that console; mainly because the PS5 was designed to cater more towards teenagers and young adults with “T” and “M” rated video games.

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