World of Warcraft discontinued in China?

World of WarCraft is considered to be one of the most legendary PC video games of all-time and is still very popular to this day. Since its initial release back in 2004 the game has received around nine expansion packs with the most recent one Dragonflight being released this past year in 2022. There is no secret that World of WarCraft has an enormous international fan base as the game slowly became more and more popular within past eighteen years. World of WarCraft is one of the most legendary MMORPG’s in gaming history and its something that almost every major country had access to until recently. It has recently been reported World of WarCraft will no longer be playable in China for the time being due to a contractual dispute between Blizzard and their longtime partner NetEase. Blizzard has been news with NetEase since the late 00’s with the Chinese company providing millions of players with online access to World of WarCraft for over the past decade. It has been revealed that during Q4 2022 around November both Blizzard and NetEase had failed to reach an agreement leading to the Chinese Internet company not renewing their contract with the American video game developer. While many gamers in China have been absolutely livid about news that World of WarCraft being discontinued in their home countries; others find it hard to believe that World of WarCraft is still a massive attraction to casual gamers almost 20 years later. Its widely believed that NetEase shutting down its servers for World of WarCraft could be possibly be permanent unless NetEase is able to work something out with American video game developer Blizzard sometime in the future.

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