Does Zelda: Link to the Past deserve an HD Remake?

Everyone knows that The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past from ’92 is one of the most legendary titles to have ever been released on a Nintendo console. The 30 year anniversary of Zelda: Link to the Past took place back on November 2022 and its a bit shocking that Nintendo really had no plans to remaster or remake the game for the Switch console. Back in 2019 we got to see The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remade and re-released for the Switch console and various critics and gaming publications were impressed by the 3D version of the ’93 Game Boy classic. Since the 3D Remake of Link’s Awakening was a massive commercial success reaching over 6 million in sales on the Switch console; many people believe that Zelda: Link to the Past deserves the 3D treatment as well. While the 3D visuals in Link’s Awakening looked impressive some would probably prefer cel-shaded graphics for a possible HD remake of Zelda: Link to the Past. The Zelda game from ’92 may not be considered the greatest entry within its series but the title is most likely in many people’s top ten in relation to franchise overall. Zelda: Link to the Past was the 6th best selling video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 90’s and managed to reach over 4.6 million copies in worldwide sales throughout that decade. If a remake Link’s Awakening was a huge attraction back in 2019 than a remastered version Link to the Past should also still be somewhat of a big deal in the 2020’s.

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