WWE SvR Series- More popular than the WWE 2K franchise?

There are many pro wrestling fans who have nothing but good things to say about the Smackdown vs Raw series from the 00’s decade. Almost every SvR title from ‘04-‘10 was a hit and had higher replay values in comparison to most games that we have seen within the 2K series. The Smackdown vs Raw series was produced by THQ the same company that licensed the critically acclaimed WWF No Mercy game from 2000. There are many people who would on record and argue that THQ had produced some of the greatest wrestling titles of all/time; with WWE Smackdown vs Raw: Here Comes the Pain being at the top of that list. When 2K Games started licensing WWE titles from ‘12 onwards the 2K series saw a mixture of hits and misses throughout the 2010’s decade.

While WWE 2K22 has received decent reviews from various gaming publications its almost impossible to compare it anything from the Smackdown vs Raw series. Its no secret that the 00’s was clearly a better decade for pro wrestling in comparison to the 2010’s. However, in terms of quality it feels there has been somewhat of a decline during the 10’s decade. The SvR games from ‘04-‘10 did not have nearly as many glitches as WWE 2K15 or WWE 2K20. While titles such as WWE 2K14 & 2K19 received good reviews from many critics they still felt subpar in comparison to any we got during the PS2/PS3 era of gaming. There are many people who wished that the WWE SvR series never ended but unfortunately THQ no longer owned the license to produce WWE games. WWE 13 from 2012 was the final WWE main game published by THQ and since then we never got to see another pro wrestling title like WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011.

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