Spelunky 3- Will it ever happen?

When it comes down to high profile 2D rouge-like platform indie games of the past couple of years one of the few names that instantly comes to mind is Spelunky 3. This game was released for multiple game systems from 2020-2022 including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch along with the Xbox Series X. Spelunky 3 was co-developed by Mossmouth and BlitWorks and was the highly anticipated sequel of the original Spelunky title that originally came out in 2008. Spelunky 2 had an intriguing plot that revolved around the main character Ana the daughter of the first explorer from the original game. In Spelunky 2 Ana had to visit the moon to find her lost parents and while single-player gameplay was an option for everyone; players also had the opportunity to engage in co-op multiplayer gameplay that could feature up to four players as well. Spelunky 2 felt like an evolved version of its predecessor and its probably one of the best indie platform titles of the 20’s decade so far. Considering the fact that Spelunky 2 came out not too long ago it might be long time before we see a sequel of any kind in the near future. While its unclear how well Spelunky 2 performed in relation to sales following its release the game was still praised by various gaming publications including IGN, GameSpot, Nintendo Life and others for being one of the best 2D indie platform titles of 2020.

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