Retro Gaming 90’s- Burning Rangers: (1998)

The 90’s was a glorious time to be alive especially as it related to gaming and while we got to see countless gems on consoles such as the SNES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation and the N64; there were countless games that appeared on the Sega Saturn console that got overshadowed in countries like America. There are games like Burning Rangers from ’98 that looked like it was ahead of its time mainly because it was third person shooter that came out in a era where that genre had yet to peak in popularity. Burning Rangers was a rather intriguing game to say the least mainly because the game revolved around players extinguishing fires and rescuing civilians in a futuristic society on Earth. Burning Rangers featured stages from a zero gravity power plant all the way down to a power plant. Burning Rangers gave players the option of controlling either Shou Amabane or Tillis who were the main protagonists. Shou and Tillis were tasked with missions that involved putting out as many fires as they could within a certain time period to receive a letter rank anywhere from “S’ being the best to “D” which was considered poor. Its not too often you hear about video games that revolve around players assuming the role of a firefighter but it seems like Sega found a way to make it work back in 1998. Unfortunately, Burning Rangers was overlooked mainly because ’98 was also the same year Sega released their Dreamcast console; also the PS1 and the Nintendo 64 were also hottest game systems on the market during the late 90’s. Despite, how cool Burning Rangers was the game never received an official sequel mainly due to low sales. Not too many people know about Burning Rangers and its third person shooter that can only be played on the Sega Saturn.

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